Sapan Waterfall

Sapan Waterfall

by Beef Wellington

Sapan Waterfall is a waterfall under Khun Nan National Park. Located in Bo Kluea District, Nan Province, Saphan Waterfall is a medium-sized waterfall with water falling all year round. There are 3 large floors, each with a height of about 3-6 meters, located amid the nature of Nan. Forest conditions around the waterfall are shady and cool Perfect beautiful Visitors can visit the waterfall by parking at the entrance. Then you will have to walk up and take about 20 minutes to reach the final waterfall. Which is a layer where the waterfall will flow down with two streams The rocks around the waterfall are full of moss and lichen.

sapan Waterfall
Sapan Waterfall
sapan Waterfall

Sapan Waterfall Map

Address: Baan Sapan, Dong Phaya Sub-district, Bo Kluea District, Nan Province 55220

93.6 kilometers from Nan Nakhon Airport.

97 kilometers from Nan Bus Terminal.

95.6 kilometers from Nan Province.

37.5 kilometers from Pua District.

25.9 kilometers from Bo Kluea District.

67.1 kilometers from Santi Suk District.

166 kilometers from Na Noi District.

187 kilometers from Na Muen District.

Tel: 084-483-7240


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