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Doi Suan Ya Luang

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Doi Suan Ya Luang is located at Ban San Charoen, Tha Wang Pha District, Nan Province, under the supervision of the Doi Kad Watershed Conservation Study Unit, Pong District, Phayao Province, has an altitude of 1600 meters above sea level. Able to travel up from both sides of the province, both Tha Wang Pha District, Nan Province, and Pong District, Phayao Province due to the connecting area. It is approximately 77 kilometers from Nan city.

On the top of Doi Suan Luang Ya used to be one of the largest opium-growing areas in Thailand. With the prestige of King Rama IX, he was worried about the livelihoods of the people, causing career development to generate income. Including improving the quality of life of various aspects Until the villagers stopped growing opium and turned to grow economic crops instead, For example, Arabica coffee beans Until now, it has become the main income of the villagers and is one of the famous coffee-growing areas in Nan as well.

Getting to famous coffee plantations like Suan Luang Ya is not easy because from San Charoen Village to Doi Suan Ya Luang, you only need a 4WD car. Because the path is not common. Especially in the rain Must wrap the chains on the wheels so that the wheels do not slip Because of a gravel road The road is quite steep and winding. Some roads have many holes. Driving has to be careful.

The journey takes about an hour to arrive at the top of the mountain. When arrived at the top of Doi You will find pictures of green fields surrounded by mountains. And a beautiful long ridgeline. In the accommodation section, Tourists will stay at the homestay of the villagers. Amidst the atmosphere of coffee plantations surrounded by mountains. And of course, you must have delicious local food Plus a cool breeze And stars in the night as well. For anyone who wants to sleep in a tent, You can spread it. But it is advisable to spread it in a pavilion in the hill area is best Because the wind is not very strong More importantly, you can also cook your meals.

Doi Suan Ya Luang viewpoint is a point where tourists can see the beauty of the sunrise in 360 degrees, overlooking the coffee plantations and mountains. You can call it beautiful until it is stunning. This viewpoint is located about 4 kilometers from the villa. On the top of the mountain, there is a Buddha image in the blessing that the monks of Wat Pa Kho Wang and the Nan Off-Road water group have brought up to protect the villagers. Anyone who will come to Doi Suan Ya Luang can visit almost every season. But may need to be extra careful during the rainy season Because the journey will be quite difficult But if traveling in the summer, it has a cool climate, perfect for escaping the heat. In winter, there will be a lot of tourists visiting Because they want to see the beautiful sea mist in the morning.

Nan ProvinceNan ProvinceNan ProvinceNan ProvinceNan Province

Doi Suan Ya Luang Map

Address: Ban San Charoen. Tha Wang Pha District, Nan Province

  • Nan Nakhon Airport82.9 kilometers
  • Nan Bus Terminal84.5 kilometers
  • Mueang Nan District83.9 kilometers
  • Pua District64 kilometers
  • Bo Kluea District111 kilometers
  • Santi Suk District77.9 kilometers
  • Na Noi District154 kilometers
  • Na Muen District174 kilometers
  • Mae Charim District111 kilometers
  • Tha Wang Pha District43.9 kilometers
  • Wiang Sa District109 kilometers
  • Thung Chang District73.8 kilometers
  • Chiang Klang District53.8 kilometers
  • Song Khwae District48.1 kilometers
  • Phu Phiang District99.2 kilometers
  • Ban Luang District116 kilometers
  • Chaloem Phra Kiat District141 kilometers
  • Ban Pin Railway Station239 kilometers
  • Don Mueang International Airport733 kilometers
  • Suvarnabhumi Airport763 kilometers


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