Wang Sila Lang

Wang Sila Lang

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Wang Sila Lang received the nickname of Grand Canyon, Pua town. It’s considered as another source of natural tourism that is very interesting. Located in Pua District, which a small district in Nan Province that is beautiful, there are quite a few tourists who are fascinated by the beauty of this small district, both in terms of the beautiful nature. And the story of the old architectural buildings that are unique and very beautiful.

Wang Sila Lang

Located about three kilometers from the laterite municipality, Wang Sila Lang looks like a stream of water running through the crevices of the Goon River and eroded into traces following the swirling water. It consists of a water palace and a periodic cliff gorge There are about 7 water wangs, a total distance of more than 400 meters. During the dry season, you can see the beauty of the water palace and gorges and can swim for a trip to see the beauty of the Wang Sila Lang. By starting the journey from Pua District, drive along the Pua-Silaphet Waterfall route for another 6.7 kilometers to reach Ban Hua Na Mushroom Farm from the Hua Na Mushroom Farm Walk for another 15 minutes to the laterite palace.

Wang Sila Lang

Upon arriving at Wang Sila Lang, the ascent was quite complicated. But we can walk in and watch. But if going deeper, it might not be very safe. Should watch at the point that he recommends it to be as safe as possible Here is another point that tourists are interested in visiting a lot. And it is another point that anyone who travels to Pua should not miss seeing the beauty of this place once. You can assure you that you will certainly be impressed.

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Wang Sila LangWang Sila LangWang Sila LangWang Sila LangWang Sila LangWang Sila LangWang Sila Lang

Wang Sila Lang Map

Address: Sila Laeng, Pua District, Nan Province

57.9 kilometers from Nan Nakhon Airport.

61.4 kilometers from Nan Bus Terminal.

69 kilometers from Nan Province.

17.1 kilometers from Pua District.

63.6 kilometers from Bo Kluea District.

31.4 kilometers from Santi Suk District.

139 kilometers from Na Noi District.

160 kilometers from Na Muen District.

Tel: 080-792-1629


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