Swensen’s Kad Nan

Swensen’s Kad Nan

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Once again, Swensen’s is the giant in the Thai ice cream shop market. Choose to adopt the Region Flagship Store strategy after creating the talk of the town when the first store opened. ‘Phuket Town’ came to the end of 2018 with a white shop designed based on Phuket’s famous Sino-Portuguese houses. Swensen’s Kad Nan

Swensen’s Kad Nan

For this second branch, Swensen’s chose to open in another. One of Thailand by going to ‘Nan’, the small province. In the upper north, Its location is in Kad Nan. Which is a market in the heart of Nan

Swensen’s Kad Nan

Mr. Anupon Nitiyanan, General Manager of Swensen’s (Thai) Co., Ltd., said that choosing to open a Region Flagship Store somewhere That province must have a distinctive local culture. Especially buildings Which the reason for choosing Nan Despite being a small province But it is a very strong community with a very distinctive culture.

Swensen’s Kad Nan

The design of Swensen’s Kad Nan uses 5 characteristics of Nan to enter, with an area of ​​350 square meters, with approximately 130 seats, an investment of 10 million baht, which is approximately 5 million baht higher than the normal branch because the external structure of this place has to be rebuilt.

Swensen’s Kad Nan

In addition to the store format What is different from other fields Is the use of the ‘white’ logo, usually red To match the outside atmosphere Here, the logo is white, the second branch is next to the Emquartier branch.

Swensen’s Kad Nan

Kad Nan started Soft Launch on 24 July ago. The results showed that it was well-received. With an average of 1,000 customers a day, more than 500 people per day for the target group, 70% are local and 30% are Thai tourists visiting.

Swensen’s Kad Nan

Swensen’s had invaded Nan once in a hypermarket. But in the end, he had to go back 3 years ago because it was found that Nan people rarely walk in hypermarkets. But prefer walking to local shops, Therefore, at Nan Swensen’s, there is only 1 branch and I think that it may not be expanded anymore.

Swensen’s Kad Nan

The Region Flagship Store strategy is planned to open one store a year for the next one, but it has not been revealed where and when it will open.

Swensen’s Kad NanSwensen’s Kad NanSwensen’s Kad NanSwensen’s Kad NanSwensen’s Kad NanSwensen’s Kad NanSwensen’s Kad NanSwensen’s Kad NanSwensen’s Kad NanSwensen’s Kad Nan

Swensen’s Kad Nan Map

Swensen’s Kad Nan Address: 43 Thanon Mahayot, Nai Wiang, Mueang Nan District, Nan 55000

2.3 kilometers from Nan Nakhon Airport.

2.9 kilometers from Nan Bus Terminal.

1.6 kilometers from Nan Province.

75.8 kilometers from Pua District.

88.3 kilometers from Bo Kluea District.

32.8 kilometers from Santi Suk District.

71.1 kilometers from Na Noi District.

92.7 kilometers from Na Muen District.

Open at:
Weekday: 10 AM – 9 PM
Weekend: 9 AM – 9 PM

Tel: 065-492-5536

Source: https://www.facebook.com/SwensenKadNan/ , https://thestandard.co/swensens-region-flagship-store/

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