Krua Gasalong Restaurant

Krua Gasalong Restaurant

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In addition to restaurants in downtown Nan, there is also a rustic-style riverside restaurant with a good atmosphere and simplicity. This restaurant is called Krua Kasalong. This restaurant is a restaurant located on the Nan River. The fish menu here is very famous because here they use very fresh fish in the cooking, the menu that we recommend trying is snakehead fish paste. I can assure you that you will not be disappointed.

Krua Gasalong Restaurant

Krua Gasalong Restaurant Map

Address: Kad Laeng, Mueang District, Nan Province 55000

4.5 kilometers from Nan Nakhon Airport.

1.8 kilometers from Nan Bus Terminal.

0.6 kilometers from Nan Province.

78.3 kilometers from Pua District.

88.1 kilometers from Bo Kluea District.

32.6 kilometers from Santi Suk District.

70.8 kilometers from Na Noi District.

91.6 kilometers from Na Muen District.

Open at: Everyday 4.30 PM – 11 PM

Tel: 081-796-0936

Source: Facebook Krua Gasalong

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