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Geisha coffee or Gesha coffee is a famous coffee of Mani Pruek village, Thung Chang District, Nan Province. Originally, Geisha coffee was grown in Mani Pruek Village by American Mr. Kelep Jordan, who emailed Panama asking for coffee beans to be planted to his liking.

Kelep Jordan
Kelep Jordan

The name of geisha sounded like they would think of Japan, but Rong Kluy, leader of the Lua and Hmong communities of Baan Mani Pruek said It’s the name of a city in Ethiopia. Geisha is Arabica coffee. When growing up in the village, this Mani Pruek mutated into a species called Selina.

When we get good quality coffee beans The processing method must also be good. To reach the real taste of the coffee beans Let’s get to know each other better. Let’s start with roasting the coffee. This step depends on the people who like it. And it also depends on the weather, air pressure, and relative humidity. At this point, Rong Kluy recommends a medium roast at 280 degrees for about 10 minutes.

During that time, we will hear the crack of the coffee beans coming from the disintegration. It is similar to popcorn, which is called First Crack and the Second Crack later. Then you will get the fragrant coffee beans.

The process of dripping coffee. The first 30 seconds when coffee beans are exposed to hot water. It will be awake and spit out the smell. This time we have to loop the coffee that drips out each time equally. For the compatibility of the coffee.

The intensity of the coffee comes from two things. Is natural sourness Like fruit and the degree of roasting that is light or dark. Rong Kluy said Sourness is one of the coffee points. The best coffee has to be delicious, whether it’s eaten hot or cold. The taste must be the same as Sainamphueng Orange and smells like Jasmine.

Geisha coffee is an economic crop that creates a career for the people of Manipruek villagers. Each plant takes more than 4 years to grow and was harvested from December to March. It was roasted and sold as De Hmong Coffee, giving the villagers an income and indirectly restoring the forest according to the sustainable forest concept that Rong Kluy support and the community developed together.

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